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1. Who designed the Statue of Liberty?
A. Frederic Bartholdi
B. Daniel Chester French
C. Augustus Saint-Gaudens

2. The Statue of Liberty is made of
A. Green marble
B. Copper
C. Wood that is painted green

3. The Statue of Liberty is composed of how many pieces?
A. 150
B. 300
C. 350

4. Who created the internal structure for the Statue?
A. John Augustus Roebling
B. Stanford White
C. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel

5. What does the torch symbolize?
A. Enlightenment (freedom and self-governance) and a beacon of hope
B. Peace
C. Direction into the Harbor

6. In strong winds, how much does the Statue sway?
A. Up to 3 inches and the torch up to 6 inches
B. Up to 1 inch and the torch up to 2 inches
C. The Statue doesn’t need to move—she’s solid.

7. How tall is the Statue:
A. 100’ 5”
B. 305’ 1”
C. 1,000”

8. Emma Lazarus’ sonnet, “The New Coloussus” was written:
A. For a book of poetry she was going to self-publish
B. For reading at the dedication of the Statue
C. To help raise funds to construct the Statue’s pedestal

9. The Statue of Liberty's face was said to be modeled after:
A. Bartholdi’s mother
B. Bartholdi’s wife
C. The wife of the French president at the time

10. How many Legos does it take to build a 2 foot 9 inch Statue of Liberty?
A. 2882
B. 5004
C. 688

11. Which film did not feature the Statue of Liberty?
A. Planet of the Apes
B. Titanic
C. Superman
D. X-Men

12. Which popular doll series featured a Statue of Liberty edition?
A. Cabbage Patch Kids
B. Barbie
C. American Girl
D. Strawberry Shortcake

Answers 1: A; 2: B; 3: B; 4: C; 5: A; 6: A; 7: B; 8: C; 9: A; 10: A; 11: C; 12: B

Visit the National Park Service website for more fun facts.



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