FASPE was a truly amazing and life altering experience; intellectually stimulating and

      emotionally involving. FASPE should be mandatory for all law students.

      (Zachary Shapiro, 2015 Law Fellow)

       The twelve day trip was only the beginning. My FASPE experience--the

      intensive dialogues and lifelong connections with ethically-minded peers--will

      stay with me throughout my legal career. (Rose Carmen Goldberg, 2014 Law Fellow)

FASPE Law is an intensive two week fellowship program that examines the moral responsibilities and professional duties of legal practitioners, lawyers and judges in extreme as well as more routine situations. The Law Fellows study historical, philosophical, theological, and cultural texts related to Nazism and the Holocaust, building the context for the discussion of contemporary ethical issues.

During the program, Fellows participate in workshops led by legal scholars and hear guest lectures from leading law faculty. The following items outline the thematic framework of FASPE:

  • Study of the individuals and institutions associated with legal and judicial structures and the roles they played during the Holocaust, and the formation of the Nazi legal system.
  • Consideration of broader issues, such as the context of lawlessness vs. the rule of law; the use of law as a resource for destruction, or for challenging the established order; the Nuremberg trials and postwar justice — in both a historic and modern context.
  • Examination of contemporary ethical issues facing the legal profession through the lens of relevant history.

The goal of FASPE is to provide students, through the exploration of these issues and visits to Holocaust sites, with new insights that will help them tackle problems of moral reasoning in their future careers.

Piloted initially in 2009, a total of 81 law students have now participated in the FASPE Law program. A new group of 12-15 Law Fellows will be chosen through a national application in 2016.

The FASPE curriculum for Law Fellows was developed with the assistance of Professor Anthony Kronman, former Dean of Yale Law School, and Eric Muller, the Dan K. Moore Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Development University of North Carolina School of Law. The initial program in 2010 was led by Professor Kronman and Amos Friedland, of Quinn Emanuel. Professor Robert Burt, the Alexander M. Bickel Professor of Law at Yale University, and Amos Friedland led the second trip in 2011. The most recent program in 2015 was led by Professor Dana Remus of the Univerzity of North Carolina School of Law.

Our program has been successful and inspiring. Responses from FASPE Law Fellows have included:

"FASPE is an incredible, life-changing experience.  I've had some of the most stimulating discussions in my law school career with FASPE and I only wish that every law student in the States could go." - Johnston Chen, New York University

"This is the best learining experience I have ever engaged in and I recommend it with no hesitation. Being in a community of scholars who are interested in ethics...has been truly inspiring and has re-ignited my enthusiasm for law school."

– Maria Sevilla, Georgetown University

“I don't yet know what my role as a professional is - I'm just a law student. But my understanding of that role is being built, and FASPE is certainly something that has shaped that understanding.” – Mark Friedman, New York University

“My conversations with the facilitators and other students were wonderful and intellectually stimulating…. It was a life-altering opportunity which I am grateful to have had.” – Allison Heaney, Duke University

“One of the best educational experiences I've ever had.” – Keerthika Subramanian, Yale University




-PDF of FASPE for Law Students Overview

-Itinerary from 2015 Law trip


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