Financial support for FASPE can take several forms:

Supporting FASPE's General Operating Costs and Overall Program Administration
Donations at all levels are needed to ensure the operation of FASPE. Gifts of any level up to $10,000 will go toward general program administration costs. General operating funds are often the most difficult to raise, and always most needed. Contributions at this level will help ensure FASPE's continued growth and development, as well as help secure other financial support.

Supporting an Individual Fellowship
Donations of $15,000 sponsor an individual Fellow's participation in one FASPE program. Costs covered by a sponsorship donation include all airfare and other transportation costs, accommodations, meals, admissions, curriculum materials, and a portion of professor honoraria and other associated administrative costs. Supported Fellowships will be named by their donors, and the student chosen for that supported Fellowship will be put in touch with the sponsor to correspond with them about their experiences both during and after their participation in the program.

Supporting an Entire Program
Donations of $125,000 underwrite all of the costs associated with one entire FASPE program (as outlined above), which accommodates up to 15 students.

Endowing an Individual Fellowship
Donations of $250,000 will endow an individual Fellowship in one FASPE program in perpetuity. The endowed Fellowship will be named for its donor, and each year the student chosen for that endowed Fellowship will be put in contact with the benefactor in order to share their experiences both during and after the program.

Endowing an Entire Program
Donations of $2.5 million will endow an entire FASPE program (one of five) in perpetuity. The endowed Program will be named for its donor. Leadership gifts at this level will ensure the sustainability of FASPE, and allow it to reach its ambitious goals for the future.

Multi-year commitments can easily be arranged.

Support can also take other forms, including:

  • Informing staff about a university or network that would benefit from knowing about FASPE.
  • Connecting a student or potential leader, scholar, etc with the program.
  • Connecting a foundation or corporation with similar goals to FASPE.
  • Hosting a parlor meeting.
  • Sharing your feedback.

Financial contributions in support of FASPE represent a powerful testament to the importance of providing ethical education for the professional leaders of tomorrow. The Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics is a charitable tax-exempt organization pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  All donations to FASPE are tax-deductible.

Lead support for FASPE is provided by C. David Goldman, Frederick and Margaret Marino, and the Eder Family Foundation. FASPE is also supported by the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research and other generous donors.

To donate to the FASPE programs, please contact Thorin Tritter at or 646.437.4307.




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