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As New York’s Holocaust Memorial Museum, the responsibility to tell this history has never been more important. The Museum’s commitment to education offers young people – including 50,000 students annually – and adults alike the opportunity to learn from and interact with Holocaust survivors who share inspiring accounts of courage, resilience and hope. Powerful, first-hand testimonies from these remarkable eyewitnesses to the horrors of the Holocaust provide vital lessons about the dangers of intolerance, hatred and bigotry, and the importance of fighting intolerance in whatever forms it takes – messages that are particularly relevant in today’s world.

As Holocaust survivors age, we rely more than ever on documentation that testifies to historical events and human experiences of this genocide.

Only with your support can the Museum continue to preserve this history and ensure that these stories continue to be told.



Hear from Holocaust survivors Ruth Wachner Pagirsky and Toby Levy about the importance of sharing their stories:

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