Pre- and post-visit materials extend the educational value of a visit to the Museum. They prepare students in advance to think critically about the issues they will confront in their tour and offer suggestions for further inquiry after their visit.

The materials described below are published by the Museum's Education department and are designed to meet state standards and the Common Core standards. Please click here for more information about how our curricula and programs meet the Common Core standards.

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Student Workbooks and Teacher Guides | Books and Other Resources

Student Workbooks and Teacher Guides

Meeting Hate with Humanity: Life During the Holocaust
Student Workbook/Paperback, 16 pages. Grades 7-12. $3.85
Workbook that explores the topics of heritage, anti-Semitism, and resistance within the context of the Holocaust. Includes a Holocaust chronology, glossary, and pre-visit and post-visit activities for students.

Meeting Hate with Humanity: Life During the Holocaust Teacher's Guide
Designed to aid teachers in preparing students with historical background of the Holocaust.
Download a free copy.

Love Thy Neighbor: Immigrants and the US Experience
Student Workbook/Paperback, 24 pages. Grades 5-12. $4.00
Workbook to be used as a classroom activity to examine the Jewish immigration experience to the United States. Explores themes of language, community, work, and social activism through the use of primary documents. Includes a section on U.S. immigration during the Holocaust.

Coming Age in the Holocaust, Coming of Age Now
A Free, Multimedia Website Curriculum Resource. Grades 6 – 8.
Discover this free, multimedia website that helps middle school students learn about the Holocaust from the stories of young people who survived. Through online discussions and engaging activities, students gain a personal connection to history and explore issues of ethics and personal responsibility. The site integrates 13 first-person accounts of Holocaust survivors told through video, narratives, and primary documents. These are accompanied by writing, history, and geography activities; primary sources and artifacts for interpretation; online discussions; and suggested research projects. Coming of Age is aligned with the National Standards for World History and NCTE Standards for the English Language Arts for Middle and Secondary Schools.

Visit the website.

Zachor... A Kit for Students and Teachers to Study and Memorialize the Holocaust
Includes candles, matches, and a 37 page guidebook. $32.
Each year, the Museum receives requests from teachers for support in planning meaningful Holocaust commemoration ceremonies at their schools. The Zachor Kit contains detailed instructions about planning a ceremony as well as various resources.

What?! This Old Thing?
Student Workbook/Paperback, 22 pages. Grades 3-6. $2.75
Designed to show younger children how objects can teach us about heritage and family traditions.

Sosúa: A Refuge for Jews in the Dominican Republic / Un Refugio de Judíos en la República Dominicana Teacher's Guide
Download a free copy.
In the late 1930s few countries were willing to accept Jewish refugees. One nation—the Dominican Republic—opened its doors. Jewish settlers established a small agricultural settlement in Sosúa that still exists today. The Museum created a bilingual exhibition, in English and Spanish, showing how settlers were recruited, how they came to Sosúa, what awaited them there, how the settlement grew, and the evolution of this small Jewish community.

The Teacher’s Guide includes information about the exhibition, esson plans with worksheets in English and Spanish, background information about Jewish life, anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust, and a chronology, glossary, and bibliography. Student worksheets include: To Stay or To Go? / ¿Quedarse o irse?; Building a Society / Construir una sociedad; Establishing a Successful Economy / Establecer una economía exitosa; Pastimes and Cultural Life / Pasatiempos y vida cultural.

Love in a World of Sorrow: A Teenage Girl's Holocaust Memoirs Teachers Guide
Download a free copy.
This Teacher's Guide accompanies the compelling book by Holocaust survivor Fanya Gottesfeld Heller (see the book's description under Books and Other Resources below). This autobiography is well suited for use with high school students in History or English classes because of its broad scope of the Holocaust and the genre of memoir. This Teacher's Guide offers questions and activities for each chapter and incorporates study of artifacts. Some of the themes teachers explore with their students are: Jewish identity, encountering the Nazis and their collaborators, defiance against the Nazis, rescue, and the end of the war and its aftermath.

Growing Up in Nazi Germany: Teaching Friedrich by Hans Peter Richter

Download a free copy.

This curriculum focuses on the young adult book of historic fiction, Friedrich (first published in German in 1961; Puffin Books, 1987). Friedrich provides a starting point for developing an understanding of the events, issues, and personal crises faced by all those living in Germany in the years 1930 to 1942, particularly 1930 to 1939. It can be used by the teacher as part of a more extended study of Holocaust history or Holocaust literature, or stand on its own as literature.

Daring to Resist: Jewish Defiance in the Holocaust Teacher's Guide
Download a free copy.
Designed to aid teachers in preparing students for a visit to the special exhibition, Daring to Resist: Jewish Defiance in the Holocaust. Includes information about the exhibition, lesson plans for all schools, including those designed specifically for Jewish schools, and a list of additional resources. The activities are designed to encourage students to think about the range of Jewish response and resistance during the Holocaust, reflecting acts to maintain dignity, document the unimaginable, save lives, and resist with arms.

All of Ours To Fight For: Americans in the Second World War
Student Workbook. Paperback, 25 pages. Grades 7-12. $3.85
Explores American involvement in the Second World War from the home front to the front lines. Includes a chronology, timeline, glossary, and pre-visit activities for students.

All of Ours To Fight For: Americans in the Second World War Teacher's Guide
Download a free copy of Resources and Activities.
Two sections of the Teacher's Guide augment the exhibition workbook and Museum visit. Resources section provides a chronology, glossary, bibliography, list of films, and websites. Activities section contains a series of questions and activities aligned with National Standards and New York State Core Curriculum.

A Teenage Artist During the Holocaust: Life in the Terezin Ghetto
Student Workbook. Paperback, 17 pages. Grades 6-10. $3.85
Workbook for students to explore themes of art and symbolic or spiritual resistance during the Holocaust. It depicts life in the Terezin (Theresienstadt) ghetto and Nazi deception through examination of a teenage artist's drawings and other primary documents. Includes a chronology and glossary.

You Are a Museum Detective. The Case: Looking for Heritage in All the Right Places
Paperback, 22 pages. Ages 7-11. $3.00
Fun family guide with Museum and at-home activities to help younger children use artifacts to learn about their family heritage and traditions.

Rescuers during the Holocaust: Curriculum Kit
Currculum Kit $5.00 Curriculum Kit and Paperback Memoir $16.00
Six double-sided laminated cards each with a dramatic personal story of non-Jews helping Jews survive the Holocaust, with questions for student discussion. Also includes Rescuers bibliography, webliography, filmography, and 4-page lesson plan to highlight stories of rescue in Love in a World of Sorrow: A Teenage Girl's Holocaust Memoir by Fanya Gottesfeld Heller.

Liberation: Curriculum Kit
Currculum Kit $3.00 Curriculum Kit and Paperback Memoir $14.00
Four double-sided laminated cards each with a dramatic personal story of liberation, with questions for student discussion. Also includes 5-page lesson plan to highlight the struggles for liberation as described in Love in a World of Sorrow: A Teenage Girl's Holocaust Memoir by Fanya Gottesfeld Heller.

The Legacy of the Warsaw Ghetto: Curriculum Kit
Two sets of laminated cards and a curriculum guide. $5.00 One set highlights leadership in the Warsaw Ghetto, with an emphasis on physical and spiritual resistance. The second set portrays original photographs and artifacts from the Warsaw Ghetto, accompanied by translations of poems, diaries, and other primary documents. A curriculum guide gives instructions for use of the cards in the classroom and includes background information on the Holocaust, a history of Warsaw before and during the war, a timeline, and a bibliography.

Books and Other Resources

The following are recommended resources for Holocaust education.

Teachers who attend professional development courses at the Museum and participate in an artifact-based workshop, will receive for classroom use our Every Object Tells A Story™ CD ROM.

I Too Had Dreams of a Bright Future: True Experiences of Children Who Survived the Holocaust
Yaffa Eliach, ed. New York, 1988. Paperback, 35 pages. Illustrated. $6.00 Teacher's Guide available. $6.00
Poignant stories by Holocaust survivors.

Holocaust Oral History Manual
Final issue of Center for Holocaust Studies newsletter, 1991. Paperback, 84 pages. Illustrated. $6.00

Holocaust Bibliography
Bonnie Gurewitsch, ed., 1988. Paperback, 35 pages. $5.00
Important reference tool listing books, articles, and other resource materials in 19 subject areas.

The Children of Izieu
SUNY, New Paltz. VHS Cassette, 26 minutes. $10.00 In English and French (with subtitles). This video tells the story of the rescue of 80 Jewish orphans during the war in France, their fate under Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie, and ultimately his capture and trial.

The Diary of Anne Frank
Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett, and Otto Frank, playwrights. New York: Random House, 1956. Hardback, 174pp. $8.00
A dramatized version of the famous diary.

Love in a World of Sorrow: A Teenage Girl's Holocaust Memoirs
Fanya Gottesfeld Heller, author. Devora Publishing, 2005. Paperback, 280 pages. $12.95
A dramatic account of one family's survival during the Nazi occupation of the Ukraine, and the loving relationship that developed between a young woman and one of her rescuers.

Promises to Keep: One Man's Journey Against Terrible Odds
Ernest W. Michel, author. New York: Barricade, 1993. Hardcover, 298 pages. Illustrated. $22.00
An unusual story of survival and perseverance. After the murder of his family and friends, Michel escaped, encountered Herman Goering as a reporter at the Nuremberg Trials, and continues to this day to honor the memories of those who perished.

When Time Ran Out: Coming of Age in the Third Reich
Frederic Zeller, author. New York: Berkeley, 1990. Paperback, 239 pages. Illustrated. $4.95
Based on Zeller's diaries, this memoir recalls life in Nazi Germany as seen through the eyes of an adolescent boy, with detailed accounts of the mounting anti-Jewish measures and Kristallnacht.

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